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Discografia Completa

Aerosmith 1973

"Make It"
"Somebody" (S. Emspack, Tyler)
"Dream On"
"One Way Street"
"Mama Kin"
"Write Me A Letter"
"Movin' Out" (Joe Perry, Tyler)
"Walkin' the Dog" (Rufus Thomas)


Get your wings 1974

"Same Old Song and Dance" (Joe Perry/Steven Tyler)
"Lord of the Thighs" (Tyler)
"Spaced" (Perry, Tyler)
"Woman of the World" (Darren Solomon, Tyler)
"S.O.S. (Too Bad)" (Tyler)
"Train Kept A-Rollin'" (Tiny Bradshaw, Howard Kay, Lois Mann)
"Seasons of Wither" (Tyler)
"Pandora's Box" (Joey Kramer, Tyler)


Toys in the attic 1975

"Toys in the Attic" (Perry, Steven Tyler)
"Uncle Salty" (Tom Hamilton, Tyler)
"Adam's Apple (Tyler)
"Walk This Way" (Perry, Tyler)
"Big Ten Inch Record" (Fred Weismantel - Originalmente por Bull Moose Jackson)
"Sweet Emotion" (Hamilton, Tyler)
"No More No More" (Perry, Tyler)
"Round and Round" (Tyler, Brad Whitford)
"You See Me Crying" (Darren Solomon, Tyler)


Rocks 1976


Draw the line1977

"Draw the Line" (Perry, Tyler)
"I Wanna Know Why" (Perry, Tyler)
"Critical Mass" (Jack Douglas, Hamilton, Tyler)
"Get It Up" (Perry, Tyler)
"Bright Light Fright" (Perry)
"Kings and Queens" (Douglas, Hamilton, Kramer, Tyler, Whitford)
"The Hand That Feeds" (Douglas, Hamilton, Kramer, Tyler, Whitford)
"Sight for Sore Eyes" (Douglas, David Johansen, Perry, Tyler)
"Milk Cow Blues" (Kokomo Arnold)


Live bootleg 1978

"Back in the Saddle" (Perry, Tyler)
"Sweet Emotion" (Hamilton, Tyler)
"Lord of the Thighs" (Tyler)
"Toys in the Attic" (Perry, Tyler)
"Last Child" (Tyler, Whitford)
"Come Together" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
"Walk This Way" (Perry, Tyler)
"Sick as a Dog" (Hamilton, Tyler)
"Dream On" (Tyler)
"Chip Away the Stone" (Richard Supa)
"Sight for Sore Eyes" (Jack Douglas, David Johansen, Perry, Tyler)
"Mama Kin" (Tyler)
"S.O.S. (Too Bad)" (Tyler)
"I Ain't Got You" (Calvin Carter)
"Mother Popcorn" (James Brown, Pee Wee Ellis)/"Draw The Line" [*] (Perry, Tyler)
"Train Kept A-Rollin'"/Strangers in the Night" (Ken Boothe, Tiny Bradshaw, Bert Kaempfert, Howard Kay, C. Singleton, E. Snyder)


Night in the ruts 1979

"No Surprize" (Perry, Tyler)
"Chiquita" (Perry, Tyler)
"Remember (Walking in the Sand)" (Shadow Morton)
"Cheese Cake" (Perry, Tyler)
"Three Mile Smile" (Perry, Tyler)
"Reefer Head Woman" (J. Bennett, Jazz Gillum, Lester Melrose)
"Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)" (Perry, Tyler)
"Think About It" (Jim McCarty, Jimmy Page, Keith Relf)
"Mia" (Tyler)


Rock in a hard place 1982

"Jailbait" (Steven Tyler, Jimmy Crespo)
"Lightning Strikes" (Richard Supa)
"Bitch's Brew" (Tyler, Crespo)
"Bolivian Ragamuffin" (Tyler, Crespo)
"Cry Me a River" (Arthur Hamilton)
"Prelude to Joanie" (Tyler)
"Joanie's Butterfly" (Tyler, Crespo, Jack Douglas)
"Rock in a Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)" (Tyler, Crespo, Douglas)
"Jig Is Up" (Tyler, Crespo)
"Push Comes to Shove" (Tyler)


Done with mirrors 1985

"Let the Music Do the Talking" (Steven Tyler, Joe Perry)
"My Fist Your Face" (Tyler, Perry)
"Shame on You" (Tyler)
"The Reason a Dog" (Tyler, Tom Hamilton)
"Shela" (Tyler, Brad Whitford)
"Gypsy Boots" (Tyler, Perry)
"She's on Fire" (Tyler, Perry)
"The Hop" (Tyler, Perry, Hamilton, Whitford, Kramer)
"Darkness" (Tyler)


Classics live complete 1986


Permanent vacaition 1987

"Heart's Done Time"
"Magic Touch"
"Rag Doll"
"Dude (Looks Like A Lady)"
"Hangman Jury"
"Girls keep coming Apart"
"Permanent Vacation"
"I'm Down"
"The Movie"


Gems 1988

"Rats in the Cellar" (Steven Tyler, Joe Perry)
"Lick and a Promise" (Tyler, Perry)
"Chip Away the Stone" (Richard Supa)
"No Surprize" (Tyler, Perry)
"Mama Kin" (Tyler)
"Adam's Apple" (Tyler)
"Nobody's Fault" (Tyler, Brad Whitford)
"Round and Round" (Tyler, Whitford)
"Critical Mass" (Tyler, Hamilton, Douglas)
"Lord of the Thighs" (Tyler)
"Jailbait" (Tyler, Jimmy Crespo)
"Train Kept A-Rollin'" (Bradshaw, Kay, Mann)


Pump 1989

"Young Lust" (Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, Jim Vallance)
"F.I.N.E.*" (Perry, Tyler)
"Going Down" – 0:17 / "Love in an Elevator" (Perry, Tyler)
"Monkey on My Back" (Perry, Tyler)
"Water Song" – 0:10 / "Janie's Got a Gun" (Tom Hamilton, Tyler)
"Dulcimer Stomp" – 0:49 / "The Other Side" (Tyler, Vallance)
"My Girl" (Perry, Tyler)
"Don't Get Mad, Get Even" (Perry, Tyler)
"Hoodoo" – 0:55 / "Voodoo Medicine Man" (Tyler, Brad Whitford)
"What It Takes" (Desmond Child, Perry, Tyler)


Get a grip 1993

"Eat the rich"
"Get a Grip"
"Livin' on the edge"
"Walk on down"
"Shut up and dance"
"Gotta love it"
"Can't Stop Messin'"
"Line up"
"Boogie man"


Big ones 1994

"Walk On Water"
"Love In An Elevator"
"Rag Doll"
"What It Takes"
"Dude (Looks Like A Lady)"
"Janie's Got a Gun"
"Blind Man"
"Deuces Are Wild"
"The Other Side"
"Eat the Rich"
"Livin' on the Edge"
"Dude (Looks Like A Lady)- live"


Nine lives 1997

Nine Lives -Tyler, Perry, Frederiksen
Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)-Tyler, Perry, Ballard
Hole In My Soul -Tyler, Perry, Child
Taste Of India -Tyler, Perry, Ballard
Full Circle -Tyler, Rhodes
Somethig's Gotta Give -Tyler, Perry, Frederiksen
Ain't That A Bitch -Tyler, Perry, Child
The Farm -Tyler, Perry, Hudson, Dudas
Crash -Tyler, Perry, Hudson
Kiss Your Past Good-bye -Tyler, Hudson
Pink -Tyler, Supa, Ballard
Falling off -Perry, Tyler, Frederiksen
Attitude Adjustment -Tyler, Perry, Frederiksen
Fallen Angels -Tyler, Perry, Supa


A little south of sanity 1998

"Eat the Rich" (Joe Perry, Steven Tyler, Jim Vallance)
"Love in an Elevator" (Perry, Tyler)
"Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)" (Glen Ballard, Perry, Tyler)
"Same Old Song and Dance" (Perry, Tyler)
"Hole in My Soul" (Desmond Child, Perry, Tyler)
"Monkey on My Back" (Perry, Tyler)
"Livin' on the Edge" (Mark Hudson, Perry, Tyler)
"Cryin'" (Perry, Taylor Rhodes, Tyler)
"Rag Doll" (Holly Knight, Perry, Tyler, Vallance)
"Angel" (Child, Tyler)
"Janie's Got a Gun" (Tom Hamilton, Tyler)
"Amazing" (Richard Supa, Tyler)
"Back in the Saddle" (Perry, Tyler)
"Last Child" (Tyler, Brad Whitford)
"The Other Side" (Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, Eddie Holland, Tyler, Vallance)
"Walk on Down" (Perry)
"Dream On" (Tyler)
"Crazy" (Child, Perry, Tyler)
"Mama Kin" (Tyler)
"Walk This Way" (Perry, Tyler)
"Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" (Child, Perry, Tyler) 6
"What it Takes" (Child, Perry, Tyler)
"Sweet Emotion" (Hamilton, Tyler)


Just push play 2001

"Beyond Beautiful" (Marti Frederiksen, Mark Hudson, Perry, Tyler)
"Just Push Play" (Steve Dudas, Hudson, Tyler)
"Jaded" (Tom Hamilton, Tyler)
"Fly Away From Here" (Chapman, Frederiksen, Tyler, Perry)
"Trip Hoppin'" (Frederiksen, Hudson, Perry, Tyler)
"Sunshine" (Frederiksen, Perry, Tyler)
"Under My Skin" (Frederiksen, Hudson, Perry, Tyler)
"Luv Lies" (Frederiksen, Hudson, Perry, Tyler)
"Outta Your Head" (Frederiksen, Perry, Tyler)
"Drop Dead Gorgeous" (Hudson, Perry, Tyler)
"Light Inside" (Frederiksen, Perry, Tyler)
"Avant Garden" (Frederiksen, Hudson, Perry, Tyler)


Oh yeah! Ultimate aerosmith hits 2002

"Mama Kin" (Tyler), de Aerosmith
"Dream On" (Tyler), de Aerosmith
"Same Old Song and Dance" (Perry, Tyler), de Get Your Wings
"Seasons of Wither" (Tyler), de Get Your Wings
"Walk This Way" (Perry, Tyler), de Toys In The Attic
"Big Ten Inch Record" (Weismantel), de Toys In The Attic
"Sweet Emotion" (Hamilton, Tyler), de Toys In The Attic
"Last Child" (Tyler, Whitford), de Rocks
"Back in the Saddle" (Perry, Tyler), de Rocks
"Draw the Line" (Perry, Tyler), de Draw The Line
"Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" (Child, Perry, Tyler), de Permanent Vacation
"Angel" (Child, Tyler), de Permanent Vacation
"Rag Doll" (Knight, Perry, Tyler, Vallance), de Permanent Vacation
"Janie's Got a Gun" (Hamilton, Tyler), de Pump
"Love in an Elevator" (Perry, Tyler), de Pump
"What it Takes" (Child, Perry, Tyler), de Pump
"The Other Side" (Dozier, Holland, Holland, Tyler, Vallance), de Pump
"Livin' on the Edge" (Hudson, Perry, Tyler), de Get A Grip
"Cryin'" (Perry, Rhodes, Tyler), de Get A Grip
"Amazing" (Supa, Tyler), de Get A Grip
"Deuces Are Wild" (Tyler, Vallance), de Big Ones
"Crazy" (Child, Perry, Tyler), de Get A Grip
"Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)" (Ballard, Perry, Tyler), de Nine Lives
"Pink [The South Beach Mix]" (Ballard, Supa, Tyler), de Nine Lives
"I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" {de Armageddon)
"Jaded" (Tyler, Frederiksen), de Just Push Play
"Just Push Play" [radio remix] (Dudas, Hudson, Tyler), de Just Push Play
"Walk This Way" [with Run-D.M.C.] (Perry, Tyler), de Raising Hell (Run-D.M.C.)
"Girls of Summer" (Frederiksen, Perry, Tyler)
"Lay It Down" (DeGrate, Frederiksen, Perry, Tyler)
"Come Together" [*] (John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
"Theme From Spider Man" [*] (Harris, Webster)
"Toys in the Attic" [*] (Perry, Tyler)


MTV Unplugged


Honkin on bobo 2004

Road Runner -Ellas McDaniel
Shame, Shame, Shame -Ken Hopkins, Ruby Fisher
Eyesight To The Blind -Sonny Boy Williamson [II]
Baby, Please Don't Go -J.L. Williams
Never Loved a Girl -R. Shannon
Back Back Train -F. McDowell
You Gotta Move -Rev. G. Davis y F. McDowell
The Grind -Joe Perry, Marti Frederiksen, Steven Tyler
I'm Ready -Willie Dixon
Temperature -Joel Cohen, Walter Jacobs
Stop Messin' Around -C. Adams, P.A. Green
Jesus Is On The Main Line -Tradicional


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